A month without answers

It has been a month since we have sent Mons. Sequeri (and Mons. Paglia, in copy) the letter, and we're still waiting for the answers. We are specially sorry by the fact that this answers are fundamental for the students who will begin their studies in little more than a month. Is it normal in the academic world that such essential questions, which regard the students basic rights, are left unanswered by the president? This silence from part of the authorities is an offense that directly affects all students who want to start or continue their studies in the GP2. We still don't know what our courses will be or who will teach them, nor if the legacy of St. John Paul II will be safeguarded in the new institute that still carries his name. Almost half of last year's students who are yet to finish their studies or decided to continue their formation (roughly, because we don't have official data to compare with) have signed the letter. Mons. Sequeri: we await your answers. Don't forget your students. Even though the authorities have indirectly acknowledged receipt of the letter through the Press Release of the 29th of July, and our president even alluded to the letter in the July 30th interview in Vatican News, our questions haven't been answered directly nor satisfactorily.

We continue to entrust this situation to our mother, Our Lady of Fatima. And we ask for your prayers!